30 Day Eating Healthy Challenge **Update**


He has teeth! Our “little” 9 month old has the cutest toothy grin! Okay proud mommy moment over. Now to return to our regular blog post…..

At the beginning of the month my hubs and I decided to embark on a 30 day eating healthy challenge. We wanted to take fast food out of our diet for 1 month and we did it! Not to say it didn’t come with challenges (hence the title of the post) but about halfway through fast food didn’t even sound good. A greasy burger just didn’t have the same appeal. They’re much better straight off the BBQ at home anyway!

The biggest challenge was when we went on a road trip to visit my husband’s parents. We usually make a stop at BK because I love their fries! This time we chose Subway, equally as quick but definitely the more healthy choice. We also took that time to scope out some other lunch options so we don’t feel like we’re always just eating sandwiches. I can’t wait to try a new teriyaki place we found next time!

Eating healthier can be expensive as we found while we watched our entertainment and food budget dwindle quickly! So I’m in the midst of doing some budget “renovations”, which I will share in an upcoming post.

We have both made the decision that we want to make this a lifestyle change. My love has some horrible stomach issues and eating fast food just seems to amplify them. We now feel healthier and more energetic which is reason enough right there to cut out fast food! Now I just have to perfect baked french fries because this girl can’t live without a fix of delicious fries! Which brings me to a question: Do you have any tried and true recipes for baked french fries? Happy healthy eating!


Tasty Cashew Chicken Recipe

We’re half way through our 30 Day Eating Healthy Challenge and things are going fantastic!  I feel better, have more energy and surprisingly fast food doesn’t even sound appealing anymore! I think this is the beginning of a much needed lifestyle change that I couldn’t be more excited about!

This is a recipe my sister-in-laws mom recommended. I am absolutely 100% pleased I tried this recipe! It is now going to become a staple in our home because not only is it super easy it’s super yummy!

To try it out I only used 1 chicken breast which fed me, my husband, and our toddler (who eats pretty well for an almost 3 year old). The original recipe called for 2 chicken breasts and next time I will definitely use that many so we have left overs 🙂

The only other change I made was getting rid of the flour. I don’t see the need because the sauce stuck just fine to the meat. It was uber flavorful! I also didn’t do it in the crockpot, just cooked the meat in a pan over stove top.


I made some rice and steamed some broccoli at the same time with my Aroma Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. I seriously use this thing at least once a week! It was the perfect addition to this savory meal.


In no time at all you have a healthy, amazingly declious dinner! You can easily make this into a Paleo meal as well (shout out to my sis-in-law Mal!)


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Easy Delicious Pasta Salad

It was 5 o’clock on a Friday and I had yet to decide what we were having for dinner. I knew I had to think quick and when it comes to cooking these two words do not go together for me. So I hopped on Pinterest to browse around for something I knew we had in our fridge or freezer to throw together, preferably before my three year old realized it had been an hour since he had eaten (gasp!) There it was tortellini pasta salad! I knew I had some cheese stuffed pasta in the freezer & one chicken breast my hubby had BBQed (how do you spell the past tense of BBQ?) the night before.

I boiled the pasta in water for about 4-5 minutes. Then I started the oven to “bake” some Pillsbury crescent rolls (convenience is key in our house!) Meanwhile I was heating and peeling apart the chicken into little pieces.

When the pasta was done boiling I put it in a mixing bowl and put it in the freezer to cool down quickly. Then I added the chicken to the pasta and mixed it around.

DSCN0860 DSCN0864

I was going to make my own pasta salad dressing from this website but I asked the hubster if he wanted homemade or Caesar salad dressing. He opted for the Caesar salad dressing (I have such an easy going guy). I poured about ¼ cup in the bowl (we like it really creamy) and mixed it together with the pasta and chicken until it was all covered.

DSCN0861  DSCN0866

(The salad dressing that I got for frizzle with coupons!)


By 5:30 we were sitting down to eat and a major crisis was avoided!



Overall it was a really delicious & super easy peasy meal that I would definitely do again! The only thing I would change would be the pasta. I just wasn’t a big fan of the flavor but I got it for 50% off so I couldn’t complain too much.

30 Day Eating Healthy Challenge


Teething is in full force at our house right now! Seriously, six teeth at one time for my sweet 8 month old. On top of that my (almost) 3 year old is requiring lots of extra attention because he is feeling left out. Needless to say, getting things done around the house has been a bit of a challenge let alone worrying about couponing!

So this month I did a majority of my shopping at Winco (using the $10 off a $50 purchase coupon) as I know coupon deals worth chasing will be few & far between for me. I’m thankful to have my practical  stockpile of food for cases like this. I know we can survive just off what we have in the freezer & pantry for at least a month, until this teething frenzy is over!

I’m also challenging my hubby & me to not eat fast food for a month. I’m hoping this will last longer but we are starting with a month. We don’t eat out all the time but with our busy schedules I realized it was becoming more of a staple in our house than I wanted. Especially when our oldest son started calling the fast food restaurants by name…I knew it was time for a change!

I will be posting updates on how we are doing with sticking to the challenge & (hopefully) posting some recipes I have found along the way. With the nicer weather expect a lot of BBQ recipes with fresh fruits & veggies! Pinterest & I are going to be great friends this month 🙂 Happy healthy eating!

Step-By-Step Saturday (On Tuesday)

Every Saturday (or some other day if the weather is just too beautiful to sit inside on Saturday 🙂 ) I will be posting an excellent deal, going step-by-step through the transaction. Part of learning couponing is actually using coupons  🙂 To start out try using just one coupon in a transaction. Then as you become more comfortable with it you can use more coupons to further your savings.

Note: These deals I found in the Pacific NW region so they may or may not be the same in your area. They should be fairly similar but don’t be discouraged if you can’t find the exact price where you live. There will always be more ways to save, I promise 🙂

Target or Fred Meyer

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With allergy season in full force this is a perfect time to stock up! I don’t have allergies (Praise the Lord!) but I know people who do so this is one of those items that you should get no matter what! Someone is sure to be able to use it 🙂